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Ember To Inferno: Ab Initio - Deluxe 5LP Box

Ember To Inferno: Ab Initio - Deluxe 5LP Box


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The Trivium Ember To Inferno: Ab Initio – Deluxe 5LP Boxset here features five coloured LPs in a special box including the original album in a 2LP Gatefold on orange/black marble vinyl, the expanded booklet, a large 24x36 poster, a large stencil, and 13 bonus tracks over three LPs. The 13 bonus tracks are the band's early demos - "Ruber" (aka the Red Demo) on transparent red vinyl, "Caeruleus" (aka the Blue Demo) on transparent blue vinyl, and "Flavus" (aka the Yellow Demo) on transparent yellow vinyl.


1. Inception, The Bleeding Skies 0:35 

2. Pillars Of Serpents 4:35 

3. If I Could Collapse The Masses 4:42 

4. Fugue (A Revelation) 4:22 

5. Requiem 4:54 

6. Ember To Inferno 4:11 

7. Ashes 0:54 

8. To Burn The Eye 7:01 

9. Falling To Grey 5:37 

10. My Hatred 4:35 

11. When All Light Dies 6:23 

12. A View Of Burning Empires 1:50 



Ruben (The Red Demo)

1. Pain  

2. Thrust 

3. Lake Of Fire


Caeruleus (The Blue Demo)

4. To Burn The Eye 

5. Requiem 

6. Fugue 

7. My Hatred

8. The Storm 

9. Sworn

10. Demon 


Flavus (The Yellow Demo)

11. Like Light To The Flies

12. Blinding Tears Will Break The Skies 

13. The Deceived