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SLIPKNOT - 9.0: Live (2CD)

SLIPKNOT - 9.0: Live (2CD)

Bring the madness of a SLIPKNOT live show to your headphones. This live recording was made from shows on their successful previous tours and will be augmented by material from dates played in Singapore. Contains exclusive new art from the creative minds of the band.

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Compact Disc 1
1. The Blister Exists (Live Version)
2. (sic) (Live version)
3. Disasterpiece (Live version)
4. Before I Forget (Live version)
5. Left Behind (Live version)
6. Liberate (Live version)
7. Vermilion (Live version)
8. Pulse Of The Maggots (Live version)
9. Purity (Live version)
10. Eyeless (Live version)
11. Drum Solo
12. Eeyore (Live version)

Compact Disc 2
1. Three Nil (Live version)
2. The Nameless (Live version)
3. Skin Ticket (Live version)
4. Everything Ends (Live version)
5. The Heretic Anthem (Live version)
6. Iowa (Live version)
7. Duality (Live version)
8. Spit It Out (Live version)
9. People = Shit (Live version)
10. Get This (Live version)
11. Wait And Bleed (Live version)
12. Surfacing (Live version)